Deepening Ayurveda

Melbourne - 19-21 January 2018

We invite you to attend the upcoming Deepening Ayurveda Program delivered by Ayurveda Practitioner and Master Herbalist Kumudini Shoba MSc, in Melbourne on 19-21 January 2018.

Experienced Health Practitioners, Herbalists and Yoga Teachers are welcome to apply and can register online.

Learn to consciously treat and balance your body, mind and emotions using the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda. You will gain a deeper understanding of Prakruti (birth constitution) and how this knowledge can be applied to deepen your self-knowledge and re-balance your health and wellbeing, building deeper, integrated and more understanding relationships with others and the wider world.

Course Focus

Vata Pitta Kapha.jpg The program has been designed specifically for health practitioners, yoga teachers and health enthusiasts, who already have a basic background understanding of Ayurveda. The course will impart a deeper insight into practical application of this ancient healing science and art into your daily life.

Course Content

Participants will gain a deeper understanding of tri-dosha theory that underpins the foundation of Ayurveda and how the three doshas reveal and manifest through the body, mind and prana, as well as through Mother Nature.

oil 2.jpg Tridosha theory is much deeper than just a mere body type, it encompasses all knowledge we need to lead a healthy life and cultivate healthy relationships. Participants will evaluate Dosha imbalance, using the template of the birth pattern against the presenting pattern and gain a deeper understanding of the Pranamaya Kosha and it's integral relationship to the physical body and mind, as well as it's profound influence on Dosha.

Participants will gain understanding of how their prana interacts and impacts to annamaya (body) and manomaya (mind) khoshas, which govern all biological and psychological functions.

The sensory perceptions of the 5 Elements (Bhutas) will be used as basis to understand our to relationship ourselves and relational dynamics with others. This knowledge will enable you to avoid toxic or enmeshed relationships.

The class will cover the relationship between the khoshas and strotas (channels) and focus on Chikitsa, the Ayurveda process to investigate, manage and heal imbalances within the mind, body and emotions.

Deepening Ayurveda within oneself, will make you a better practitioner, yoga teacher and a better all round professional.

Course Schedule (10 hours)

The program will run over 3 sessions for a total of 10 hours and is limited to 13 participants.   

  • Friday 19 January 6-8pm
  • Saturday 20 January 2-6pm   
  • Sunday 21 January 2-6pm


Yoga Moves 220 Carlisle St, Balaclava. Melbourne. (Enter via Camden St, Parking at rear).


Course cost is $350 for 10 hours of intensive Ayurveda training. The Program is limited to 13 participants. Register now

About Kumudini

kumudini - course photo.jpg The program is taught by Ayurveda Practitioner, Author and Master Herbalist Kumudini Shoba, M.Sc. Kumudini is an Ayurveda Practitioner with over 25 years of clinical experience. Kumudini teaches and mentors health practitioners in the USA and Europe providing them with a deeper practical understanding of the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda.

Kumudini comes from a traditional Ayurveda-healing family spanning 16 generations in Sri Lanka and is graduate of both Biochemistry and Ayurveda. She imparts the healing wisdom of Ayurveda with great clarity, depth and warmth.

Kumudini, has been a student of Meditation Master Sri Chinmoy for 33 years and is the developer of the Service-Plants Ayurveda product range. Kumudini resides and practices in Seattle, USA.

Ayurveda Consultations

Kumudini will be available for a limited number private individual Ayurveda Consultations in Melbourne, in January. These consultations provide individuals with clear understanding of their birth constitution along with practical guidance on how to restore, balance and optimise their health and wellbeing. Consultations are 90 minutes for initial appointments and 60 minutes for subsequent appointments. For bookings contact Veeraja on 0412 314 080.


For further course information call Veeraja on 0412 314 080 or email to

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A gratitude-flame.
I have only one outer teacher:
A surrender-drop.

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