Illumination: Pitta Balancing Ayurveda Incense

Illumination: Pitta Balancing Ayurveda Incense

The Pitta dosha is associated with the elements of Fire and Water and governs our inner and outer transformation.

This traditional Ayurveda incense is specially formulated with Himalayan herbs and spices to balance the pitta dosha creating a cooling and calming atmosphere.

Through Illumination one sees ones inner world and outer world with the clarity of true perception. This clarity brings forward ones inner peace, poise and acceptance.

Ingredients: White Sandalwood, Red Sandalwood, Neem, Lemongrass, Clove, Cardamon, Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Calamus, Juniper & Tumeric

Burn time 60 minutes. Made in India.

60 minutes Burning Time.

Producer: Formulated by Service-Plants. Distributed by Incense of the World.
Packing: 22 Incense Sticks.