Contemplation: Kapha Balancing Ayurveda Incense

Contemplation: Kapha Balancing Ayurveda Incense

The Kapha dosha is associated with the elements of Water and Earth and our governs  sustainability and connection to the earth plane and each other.

This traditional Ayurveda incense is specially formulated with Himalayan herbs and spices to balance the kapha dosha creating a warming and stimulating atmosphere.

In the silence of true contemplation we accept fully both the world within us and the world around us. From this state of complete acceptance we experience peace, joy and satisfaction.

Ingredients: Elecampane, Rhododendron, Ginger, Haritaki, Amalaki, Bibhitaki & Juniper.

Burn time 60 minutes. Made in India.

60 minutes Burning Time.

Producer: Formulated by Service-Plants
Packing: 22 Incense Sticks.