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Honey-Face Rejuvenating Face Mask

Honey-Face Rejuvenating Face Mask

Honey-Face is an Ayurveda organic facial treatment providing deep nutrition and hydration to facial tissue. The ancient combination of organic honey, herbs and oils gives moisture and rejuvenation to the skin.

Made from organic honey, oils and herbs, formulated and balanced for all Ayurveda Dosha types. Perfect for dry or sensitive skin.

  • Deep nutrition for the face and skin
  • Naturally hydrating
  • Rejuvenating to the skin

Ingredients - Honey*, Coconut Oil*, Castor Oil*, Sesame Oil*, Aloe Vera*, Rose petals*, Amalaki*, Manjista* & Turmeric*. * Organic ingredients.

No synthetic or artificial preservatives or fragrances. Store away from direct sunlight and heat, below 30°C.

Made in Australia from local and imported ingredients.

Service-Plants creates hand-crafted Ayurveda tridosha formulations for all bodies and minds to heal, enliven and inspire.

Apply to gently to the face without rubbing. Leave for 1-5 minutes. Gently remove with warm water brushing in gentle circular motions. For external use only. Not suitable for pregnant or lactating women. Store below 30C.

Producer: Service-Plants Australia Pty Ltd
Packing: 120g Glass Jar
Delivery time: 7 working days


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