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Wisdom-Light Tea Candles

The ancient seers of the Vedas used the mystic enchanting luminosity of candle light to heal the mind and open the heart to higher experiences of the Divine.

These tea-light candles are made from pure and organic beeswax, oils and edible butters that have been used in candle making in ancient temples and churches around the world for centuries.  Contains an ECO wick specially designed for natural waxes. Comes in packs of 6.    

  • Pure natural organic ingredients   
  • Free of soy and other GMO ingredients
  • ECO wick   
  • Burn time - 5-6 hours

Made in the USA from local organic ingredients.

For meditation, inspiration and aspiration.

Producer: Light into Light LLC, USA
Packing: 6 tea-lights per packet
Delivery time: 7 working days