Ayurveda Teas & Chai

Calm-Sky2.jpg Service-Plants teas allow the healing capacity of the individual plants to work synergistically together, to balance and harmonise body ́s own natural movement, transformation and stability. Traditional healing plants from Ayurveda and Westerr Herbalism are utilised.

Service-Plants Organic Ayurveda Teas and Chai are specially developed by an Ayurveda Practitioner as tridosha formulations that are balancing to all Ayurveda body types 'doshas' - vata, pitta & kapha. This means they will not aggravate or imbalance the body, mind or emotions, and can be safely taken for long-term benefit.

Our tea range includes

Arise-Awake Herbal Tea - An awakening and uplifting combination of traditional Ayurveda herbs to promote the body’s strength, rejuvenation and mental clarity. The perfect morning super chai without the caffeine.

Calm-Sky Herbal Sky - A subtle blend of tulsi and rose infused with elder flowers to calm nervous tension and provide uplift, clarity and focus. Aids concentration and meditation.

Cold-Ease Herbal Tea - A traditional combination of healing herbs to warm the body, relieve the effects of cold / congestion and to sooth and calm mucous membranes.

Evening-Rest Herbal Tea - A deeply restful combination of five healing plants to sooth, settle and relax the nerves, and reconnect to Mother Earth.

Master-Chai - An Ayurveda balanced chai with pure organic spices and Rapadura without the caffeine. The perfect healthy start to the day.

Peace-Dream Herbal Tea - A deeply peaceful infusion of medicinal herbs to release nervous tension allowing the body and mind to settle, ground and welcome sleep.

Triphala-Digest Herbal Tea - Triphala is an ancient Ayurveda combination of 3 fruits (Amalaki, Bhibhitaki and Haritaki) to cleanse and detox. Infused with Turmeric, Ginger and Fennel to ease inflammation and settle and normalise digestion.

Tea drinking as a ritual teaches us to slow, become still and reflect on the world around and within us. In offering tea to others we share this experience, deepening our connection and oneness.

Brewing herbs for health and longevity has featured in healing traditions across the world; where gifted healers have offered the deep curative wisdom of the botanical world to their brothers and sisters.

With each sip, focus your attention on the taste, colour and aroma of the tea, allowing the healing qualities of these sacred herbs to infuse your body, mind and emotions. Deepen your appreciation of the plant world’s true service to humanity.

SERVICE-PLANTS healing herbal teas are proprietary hand crafted Ayurveda organic tridosha formulations for all bodies and minds, to heal, enliven and inspire.