Physical Fitness

Regular exercise and good nutrition are two of the cornerstones for healthy living. Having good physical fitness can also prevent many health conditions brought on by an unhealthy lifestyle or aging. 

Any fitness program needs to take into account the general health, strength and age of the individual and should be implemented gradually to allow the body, mind and emotions to adjust.

Having an understanding of your Ayurveda constitution can help you develop a fitness program that best augments your lifestyle leading to optimal health.

For the Vata dominant individual - Start your exercise programs with gentle stretching or yoga, and if necessary, follow this with more vigorous exercise. Be careful to maintain your hydration before, during and after exercise. Keep your body warm and do daily self-massage, applying oil to make sure your skin is moist and doesn’t dry out.Vata Pitta Kapha.jpg

For the Pitta dominant individual - Exercise only during the cooler times of the day, avoiding the sun and hot weather. Keep your body cool and do daily light self-massage, using oil to ensure your skin is moist and not dry.

For the Kapha dominant individual - Exercise vigorously in the morning for a short period to activate your physical body and metabolism. Keep your body warm and do daily self-massage to stimulate your system. Make sure your skin is moist and not dry by applying oil.

My good health is my outer wealth. My soulful heart is my inner wealth.
- Sri Chinmoy