Secrets to Balanced Living

We live in a fast paced modern world which demands much from each of us. It is important for us all to take time out from our busy lives, reconnect with our deeper self and seek balance. By regaining our poise and equanimity we are in the best place to offer our very best to the world.

Together, the three doshas - vata, pitta and kapha, govern all our metabolic and mental processes. Therefore a balance between all three doshas, is necessary for the maintenance of good health.  When these activities are balanced, we experience psychological and physical wellness. When they become unbalanced, we may become prone to illness and unrest.

When the doshas become more obviously unbalanced, excessive or deficient - discernible symptoms of sickness can be observed and experienced. When the balance is maintained, health is at it's optimum.

Below are some tips for balancing the three doshas:

Below are some helpful hints to help to maintain balance:

Yesterday I was clever.
That is why I wanted to
Change the world.
Today I am wise.
That is why I am
Changing myself.
— Sri Chinmoy