Aushadhi: Nutrition vs Medicine Mar 2019

There are many foods and herbs that assist in hydration, coriander is cooling and hydrating, while fresh ginger is warming and hydrating. However, the main thing Ayurveda teaches us is that sweetness is the key to both nutrition and hydration.

Pay attention to the qualities of the mind after you have taken fresh fruits and vegetables. To get the balance for spice/food combinations, for instance, if you need the sweet and bitter tastes etc; trust the feeling you get from food, what you feel better after eating, as well as post digestively. Information like this comes from the vital sheath (pranamaya khosha). It is not easy and requires you to pay attention and be still with it. But the body through prana will let you know what is the best taste combination.

 However, if the vital prana is imbalanced, you have what Ayurveda call the perverted taste, where you crave the very taste that imbalance you. So you have to be careful and take time to purify yourself with some herbs and spices under guidance, then slowly this wisdom comes through from the prana (pranamaya khosha) to the mind (manomaya khosha). Then decisions are made with mind, body and prana working synergistically as a whole, and not just your mind dictating everything to your body.

Saffron is a very special herb that powerfully holds the sun’s energy and can be utilised to help us digest food as well as emotions. It has the pitta energy in the higher form of Tejas providing illumination.  <style> </style>