Aushadhi: Nutrition vs Medicine Jan 2019

Addictive patterns are complex therefore addressing them are also complex. Each individual dosha, as well as Prakruti and Vikruti plays a role in handling addiction.
Addiction to food is the most difficult pattern as food is needed in the body, while drugs and alcohol are not. The boundary become thin in the case of food, but for drugs body naturally repels the substance not as nutrition but as poison.
Aushadha has to be nutritious. The body and vital prana treats drugs as poison not medicine and that is why many Western medicines have side affects. This is not the same for the mind. The mind thinks all things can be conquered and brings in, thinking poison can save us. Sometimes it does by destroying whatever that is killing us.
To handle addiction one has to control and clearly understand mental boundaries with respect and love for oneself. Addiction is usually a kind of self hatred due to a lack of love inside. 
Best to develop the spiritual heart by loving oneself.