Ayurveda Nutrition Dec 2018

The use of apple cider vinegar if it is a culture is nourishing and honey is whole food. If it feels better to do the combination it is OK but needs to very mild and not too sweet or sour. This will help the body to create flora in the gut that may have been depleted.

The sweet craving after the meal indicates prana depletion due to vata. The stomach wants to feel held and steady. Again this is OK provided you do not have a lot of sweet but a small amount to balance and not overwhelm the stomach. 
Our stomach is an emotional center for security in the mind/body/vital complex and acts to govern the central Agni, to keep the emotions held and controlled.
Use of antacids or proton pump inhibitors will likely to damage the Agni and have long term imbalance. If you are on these medicines it is difficult to get out of them. Best to think about building the stomach without drastic control of the acid. You need a long term, low acid, low pitta whole foods that stop the ulceration.
Go slow, and build the stomach lining using natural root substances like marshmallow, licorice, burdock, eleuthero (Siberian ginseng) teas as well as nervines like passionflower, hops, tulsi, mint, chamomile teas.
Ayurveda has a lot of herbs but the herbs I mentioned above are easy to access. Good quality apple cider vinegar (with mother) and arrow root is also quite good. I have had good success with marshmallow tea and arrow root powder in water, as well as Aloe Vera juice in eluethero root tea.