Ancient Wisdom for Modern Life

Service-Plants is dedicated to bringing forward a higher awareness of life, to assist individuals to achieve greater health and balance, as well as assisting them in their own self-discovery. Our quality high end formulations and products are specifically designed to bring forward the higher satvic qualities of humanity.  Read more about Service-Plants…


Ayurveda Consultations with Kumudini

Kumudini is available for a limited number of 1 hour Ayurveda Consultations in Melbourne in January 2017. [ read more ]

Spring Kitchuri

A delicious receipe of traditional Kitchuri with an added Italian flavour. [ read more ]

These Plants are Teachers

On a recent late summer afternoon, Kumudini Shoba met with garden steward Abigail Lazarowski and me in the garden. I expected an interview, but what I got felt more like an introduction to old friends. [ read more ]