Ancient Wisdom for Modern Life

Service-Plants is dedicated to bringing forward a higher awareness of life, to assist individuals to achieve greater health and balance, as well as assisting them in their own self-discovery. Our quality high end formulations and products are specifically designed to bring forward the higher satvic qualities of humanity.  Read more about Service-Plants…


These Plants are Teachers

On a recent late summer afternoon, Kumudini Shoba met with garden steward Abigail Lazarowski and me in the garden. I expected an interview, but what I got felt more like an introduction to old friends. [ read more ]

Ayurveda & Yoga

Ayurveda is the ancient healing art of India. In this interview, Ayurveda Practitioner Kumudini Shoba, traces the origin of Ayurveda and Yoga back to the Vedas, and shows how an understanding of both systems can assist individuals to achieve balance. [ read more ]

Ayurveda & Raw Food

Much has been written and said about the new wave of raw food diets sweeping across the world. In this video presentation, Ayurveda Practitioner Kumudini Shoba M.Sc provides sheds new light from the ancient tradition of Ayurveda to this new phenomenon. [ read more ]